To All The People In Uganda

Above you can see some mountains in Switzerland. There is snow now up on the top. There is also snow down in the valleys. There might be snow and ice on the streets as well.

Temperatures are below 0 ℃ Water will freeze to ice, as soon as it is outside.

People are freezing in this country as well.

People are lonely. If you could walk through the areas where they live, the streets would seem empty to you. All the doors remain closed. Cars parking outside, but nobody walking around. You can hear no children shouting. It seems to be very quiet.

This is one of the richest countries in Europe. Nobody is hungry here. There are doctors for everybody in need of them. You can buy almost anything that you can imagine. Every child is taken care of.

But where are the children?

Where is the happyness on people’s faces? – Where are the people?

You should thank the lord for your own country, which is warm and bright. Thank him for all the green colors surrounding you, and for all the plants.

Thank the lord for all the children around you and keep them as happy as they are right now.

If you walk through the streets near the place you live, you might hear a lot of sounds. You might hear some birds. You might smell a lot of different things. You might carry a heavy load. You might meet many people you know. You might be afraid of some of them. Some of them might be your friends.

You might be bored some times. But do not worry about that! Be happy!

You might be richer in your heart than many people living here in Switzerland …

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